18 September, 2021

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1960: Sauto Theater, heritage of the town .

On this date, in 1960, an event of significance for the city of Matanzas occurred, when the Sauto theater passed into the hands of the people. This meant the allocation of a state budget, a guarantee of its functioning in accordance with the cultural policy of the Revolution.

The Sauto theater group, declared a National Monument in 1978 and National Restoration Prize 2020, has been zealous in programming shows that raise the cultural level of Matanzas. Its beginnings date back to 1863 and since then, it has become one of the symbols of the city.

It has a U-shaped interior and has 775 seats, covered with wood paneling. It has three balconies and its first floor can be raised to convert the auditorium into a dance hall.

The original curtain of the theater is a painting of the Lacret bridge that passes over the Yumurí River. The lobby is adorned with Carrara marble statues of Greek goddesses and the ceiling of the main hall is adorned with figurative paintings of the muses.

Regarding lighting, it has 46 artistic lamps restored by Miguel Ojito Fariñas, who was in charge of restoring the splendor of each one.

The chandelier that adorns the main room stands out, moved in 1967 from the Cabaret Parisién of the National hotel to the Sauto, which has the peculiarity of being part of the only three relics of this type that exist in the country. Another of the lamps of great heritage value was placed in the Hall of Mirrors, from the Great Theater of Havana, Alicia Alonso.

As can be seen, the Sauto Theater, an institution owned by the people, treasures valuable objects that are preserved by the outstanding group of workers, led by Kalec Acosta, who tenaciously take care of this architectural and artistic jewel of the national culture.