18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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New ambulances are added to the emergency and medical emergencies system in Matanzas.

Forty-five ambulances joined the service of the emergency and medical emergencies system in Matanzas territory to face the difficult epidemiological situation that the province is experiencing today, as revealed in the meeting of the Temporary Working Group.

To this is added a vehicle as an alternative means located in each polyclinic with the aim of facilitating the transfer of symptomatic positive patients to isolation centers. Dr. Ailuj Casanova Barreto, provincial director of Public Health, made a call to the health personnel who work in these places to improve the medical service, after deficiencies detected in a tour of some of them.

Administrative staff must be actively present there, dealing with logistics and material deficiencies so that doctors and nurses focus their attention on caring for the health of the sick. The Turquesa and Caleta hotels are enabled to increase the capacities of assistance to pediatric patients and the elderly belonging to the closest areas.

On the other hand, with a view to cutting the transmission of Covid-19 in Matanzas, the group of medical experts at the Faustino Pérez Hernández hospital is being strengthened, in charge of evaluating key healthcare processes to avoid deaths.

Mario Sabines Lorenzo, Governor of Matanzas territory, specified the need to carry out community investigations with the support of the delegate and members of the mass organizations to detect the sick.

Likewise, work is done on completing the family doctor and nurse in each office in such a way that they guarantee the correct home admission of asymptomatic positive people without associated pathologies.

In addition to the nasalferon treatment, they must be visited and receive adequate follow-up corresponding to the action protocol in each case.

The Matanzas authorities recognized that there are still processes to transform, such as the lack of distance in the queues and in the guard corps of polyclinics and hospitals.

* Photo Tv Yumurí.