18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

In Cubavisión this Thursday Danzoneando with the Failde Orchestra. Danzón Havana Festival continues .

In honor of our national culture, the Danzoneando TV program returns to Cubavisión this Thursday at 8:30 pm with the Faílde de Matanzas Orchestra, in an audiovisual production from the Sauto theater and with weekly frequency.

Going deeper into how the program project arose, we interviewed its producer, Osvaldo Pérez Pérez:

“The idea of ​​Danzoneando is not so recent, it has a precedent in Radio Taíno. Due to the situation of the Pandemic, the radio proposal was stopped, but it has an established audience, with which Ethiel Failde achieved a link, which extends to Cubans and also to Mexicans, since it is binational, by Taíno and Radio Más, from Veracruz, taking into account the deep roots and preference of this genre in Mexico.

“And then Pedro Pablo Cruz, director of that space, it occurred to him to take it to national television and presented a project, which showed the danzón from its place of origin in the Athens of Cuba, in an elegant setting such as the Sauto theater, what allowed to expose it far from stereotypes that considered it ancient, a music that is not danced or listened to, when in fact it has great roots between several generations.

“The danzón is very much alive. There are many young people performing, dancing, dreaming of this beautiful music, as a social and cultural phenomenon. “

News from the 12th International Danzón Habana Festival on national TV and online, also aimed at students from Art schools.

This Thursday morning the master class will be appreciated Choreographic Evolution of the Danzón, in charge of professors Osddavi García Fabart and Syria Robles Rojas.

From other latitudes will come the audiovisual History of the Danzón in Mexico; The timbales of Acerina and the Trayectoria del Danzón, by Felipe Urban, which will be joined by the testimony of Octavio Pérez, a dance workshop from Mexico and we will receive a message from Colombia.

For the afternoon the performances of the orchestras led by Neno González and Alejandro Falcón are reserved, while in the evening the Orquesta Estrellas Cubanas will be enjoyed on Canal Clave.

All that volume of good danzonera music and the details of what is happening at the Festival you will find through:

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