18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Declaration of the UNEAC in Matanzas condemns aggressive actions against the Revolution .

Makers of culture in this beautiful sovereign Island and in a province rich in illustration and creative beauty, the subsidiary of the Union of Writers and Artists in Matanzas issued a statement condemning the vandalism in the country, which corresponds to a crude aggressive manipulation on the part of the enemies of the Revolution, encouraged by petty interests.

In the document, the Matanzas creators conceptualize as the true people “the health workers who have faced the pandemic for a long time, the scientists who have given all their hours in favor of vaccines, the workers in the from production, to those of thermoelectric plants who do their best to keep it running, to those who work in goods and services without stopping at the most difficult moments.

When referring to what is defined as the legitimate Cuban people, they also highlight “the authorities that have consecrated themselves for a province that we aspire to be victorious, the people from Matanzas who from their homes comply with social distancing, in an outstanding way of contributing, as well as to all those good people who care and occupy themselves in the truth of their daily actions ».

The writers and artists show through social networks and the media the quality of Matanzas art, which they proclaim as “what we have for this common dream”.

And the Uneac Matanzas presidency ends expressing: “The rest, that they separate and respect.”


.Original by María Elena Bayón.