18 September, 2021

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Defeating COVID-19 should be everyone’s fight .

Fundado en mayo de 1990, Sol Palmeras es el hotel bajo el sistema todo incluido más veces Vanguardia Nacional. Foto: De la Autora.

In the midst of so many people busy helping to contain the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the gesture of the managers and employees of the oldest mixed hotel in Cuba, located in the main resort of the Greater Antilles, transcends much. 

In Sol Palmeras a campaign to deliver money began to combat the pandemic. “It is about feeling part of the fight waged by the nation to defeat COVID-19,” said Arnaldo Díaz Hiedra, secretary of the union bureau.

“We must all contribute. This health war has a huge cost in its monetary outlay. It has been spent and is being spent for the good of the population. That is why the initiative arose to give money from our personal income to help the country in such difficult hours, “he said.

The leader called on the men and women of tourism to join an initiative that they also believe is fair to extend to all spheres of the country’s economy. “Cuban Health deserves it, the people deserve it,” said Díaz Hiedra.

El altruismo distingue a empleados y directivos del hotel Sol Palmeras. Foto: De la Autora.

Accustomed to human acts of this type, it was precisely in the main Cuban spa where the initiative of the voluntary delivery of tips for programs of the Ministry of Public Health such as the fight against cancer arose, a position of solidarity imitated today by many Canadians, who bring medicines and supplies such as syringes, to save their second home, as some claim.

Founded on May 10th, 1990 by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, Sol Palmeras is an all-inclusive hotel more times with the National Vanguard status, the highest emulative category granted by the  Cuba Trade Workers Union (CTC) .