18 September, 2021

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Faced with an increase in infections, capacities for the isolation of positives increase.

The health situation continues to be very uncertain for the residents of Jagüey Grande, municipality, who are passing through the fourth outbreak of COVID-19.

For several days now, the number of confirmed cases has been progressively increasing, which is why in the territory the capacities to care for patients positive to SARS-CoV-2 have been expanded.

Currently the municipality has five consultations for the care of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) and the performance of antigen tests: one in the rehabilitation room of the 7 de Diciembre polyclinic, and the same number in Torriente, Agramonte, San José de Marcos and Australia. In addition, the consultation of the Iluminado Rodríguez hospital is added.

The concern is greater due to the increase in cases in pediatric ages as well. For this purpose, a room was set up for the care of positive minors with mild or asymptomatic manifestations of the disease, in the Rayitos de Libertad children’s center, in the town of Jaguey. The extension of the pediatric ward of the Iluminado Rodríguez hospital has 22 capacities.

The four largest health centers in the municipality will also be joined by another four with more than 100 capacities each. Work is currently underway to complete the repair of the facilities that will receive the first patients in the coming days, and medical supplies, beds, mattresses and other items are being received.

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In the same way, the Los Naranjos center is maintained for the isolation of travelers; and Argelio Zamora for the inverted quarantine of health personnel.

For its part, the Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre Hospital provides medical assistance to the entire province, with more than 160 capacities for the treatment of the deadly disease.

The Jaguar territory currently has more than 900 capacities to assist Sars Cov 2 positive patients. In the coming days, other facilities will be added to this end, which will improve the conditions for the isolation of these cases.

However, people from this municipality, will not to be overwhelmed by the ever-increasing threat of the pandemic prevails, and they are determined to put a stop to COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Only with the support of all, under an environment of total discipline, can the very difficult situation that the municipality suffers today be reversed.