18 September, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Research and clinical care cannot be neglected .

The province of Matanzas shows a slight trend to the reduction of positive cases to Covid-19 in this last week as revealed in the meeting of the Temporary Working Group.

The member of the Central Committee of the Cuba Communist Party  and first secretary in the territory, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, explained that in the last eight days he has decreased the figure in correspondence with previous weeks.

However, they urged not to neglect any of the hygienic-epidemiological measures since there are municipalities such as Martí, Jagüey Grande and Los Arabos that have dangerously raised the figures and show high transmissibility.

regarding this, the Governor, Mario Sabines Lorenzo, warned about the need to effectively carry out the investigation because today patients arrive at critical and serious stages that were not detected in a timely manner by primary health care.

In addition, the opinion of the population about the hospital facilities was debated and it was called to transfer the patients in a timely manner and to provide care and information to the companions who today are in the Health institutions with a convalescent patient.

Likewise, the situation of the municipality of Limonar was analyzed, because today there are deficiencies in the transfer of positive cases to this disease and in their timely attention.

In addition, it was insisted that the discharge of a patient must be accompanied by a clinical evaluation and a CRP, since negative patients have been discharged to the disease who are not clinically well and complications occur post Covid-19.

In the Temporary Working Group, also chaired by the comrades Joel Queipo Ruiz, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party and Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, deputy prime minister of the Island, it was explained about the preparations for the vaccination of the rest of the Matanzas population.