8 December, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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From the field to the Cuban table: shortening distances in times of Covid .

Faced with the call to shorten the distance between the field and the Cuban table, individual farmers and cooperative members of Matanzas apply initiatives with growing acceptance among the urban population in these times of pandemic.

Among the many examples to cite is the process that takes place twice a week in areas of the Quinta Anita neoclassical villa, headquarters of the community Childhood Wonders socio-cultural project .

About how this idea arises, Ana María Flores Coronado, a worker at the CCS Antero Fernández Credit and Services Cooperative, from the Australia town in the municipality of Jagüey Grande, explained.

“Although my husband Yusniel Donantes Marrero and I are cooperative members of Antero Fernández, some time ago we moved to the city of Matanzas and taking advantage of these conditions we gave ourselves the task of looking for a space to sell the products of the field so demanded by the town, since we have a private vehicle to move the merchandise.

“The first thing was to choose a space close to the place where we live and in this endeavor we heard about the socio-cultural-community project, we appeared in it, we talked with María Eugenia Romero, its director and she herself helped us to carry out the negotiations with the Local government to open the point of sale ”. Viands, fresh fruits and vegetables,  and condiments  are among the products they sell.

“We always try to ensure that the offer is of high quality and that the prices are affordable, in accordance with the provisions of the contract. This benefits not only the community surrounding the project, but also the most vulnerable sectors and social groups identified by the authorities in the area ”.

This is a process of commercialization of agricultural food is carried out taking into account the strict compliance with the measures established in the province to avoid contagion with Covid-19 and stop the spread of the disease.

“The young people of the project  are in charge of organizing the sale place  so that physical distancing is maintained, ensure that people enter the parking area, which is where the sale is carried out, in a disciplined manner; they guarantee that all people use the substance they offer to disinfect their hands and the public is grateful for all that ”.

An exchange process in which, according to Yusniel, everyone wins.

“Here we offer what we have harvested from the approval of the presidency of the cooperative and this avoids that products are lost in the field due to the delay of Acopio in collecting them.”

And it is that local initiatives of this type constitute an effective response to mechanisms that still fail in the commercialization of agricultural products. A process that also avoids price increases by resellers.

Original by Ana González Goicochea.