25 October, 2021

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No changes: Matanzas remains in the community transmission phase .

The province remains in the phase of community transmission, therefore, the measures to limit transport, restricted hours in the provision of services, the lack of physical presence in closed or public places and the restrictions on the mobility of people are ratified.

In the teleconference with the municipalities, the Temporary Group to confront Covid-19, chaired by Liván Izquierdo, first secretary of the Party in Matanzas and Governor Mario Sabines, insisted that, despite the favorable decrease in positive cases in the territory, the incidence rate shows that there is a viral load and its dangerous contagion.

In this regard, it was considered crucial to carry out the investigations in the s and the PCR tests even when the direct contact tests were negative, due to the high spread of the Delta strain, so it is suggested that we cannot neglect, especially with vulnerable people due to chronic diseases, pregnant women and pediatric ages, the authorities indicated.

The pillars to work to stop the contagion and transmission of Covid-19 are the quality of the investigation, the effectiveness of the focus controls, a timely and efficient microbiological surveillance and, in particular, a constant social control, which also leads by families to the adoption of codes of life based on responsibility.

Liván Izquierdo emphasized that we must take care of ourselves and others, we have to continue this fight, although the positive cases in the territories have decreased, instability is still evident in Los Arabos, where around 60 percent of infested among those detected every day, as well as Matanzas, Cárdenas, Unión de Reyes, Jovellanos, Colón and Jagüey Grande, municipalities where most of our population is concentrated.

In one of his speeches, Mario Sabines stressed that given the effectiveness of vaccination and the low presence of cases in the province, Matanzas people reduce the feeling of danger in their minds and this constitutes a boomerang with this disease that takes advantage of the slightest neglect to settle down again.

There are no changes. It is mandatory, until it is changed to another status, to maintain the measures provided for in the Community Transmission phase decreed in the province.

.Original by María Elena Bayón.