8 December, 2021

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Promote effective application of science and technology in agricultural processes .

In these times when producing agricultural food under the conditions of climate change, constitutes a challenge for individual farmers, cooperatives and students of agricultural sciences, it is worth noting the eleventh anniversary that this September 10th, 2021, the Institute fulfilled of Investigations of Agricultural Engineering of Cuba, for its work in benefit of agricultural processes.

Antonio Chinea Horta, assistant researcher at said center and member of the Matanzas team that works at the headquarters of the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, when referring to the issue, he said.

“It is a fairly young institute and although it has its main headquarters in Boyeros, Havana, it already has a representation in all the provinces. We work in order to satisfy the needs of producers through agricultural extension, in mechanization activities, irrigation , drainage, efficient use of energy resources, animal traction, mini-industries and other fields related to our institutional profile ».

Added to this, Chinea Horta explained, scientific-technical services, training and work with children and adolescents through the interest circles and vocational guidance program, as well as research projects. “Some of the projects we work on are related to the system for obtaining results in the field of agricultural engineering, which consists of further optimizing the existing agricultural technologies in each territory.

In addition, work is being done on soil conservation projects to prevent its degradation and on the ECOVALOR project that is applied throughout the province of Matanzas ”.

Chinea Horta commented on the effectiveness of these operations, which are generally achieved from calls issued by specialists from the Cuban Agricultural Engineering Research Institute between cooperative members and individual farmers.

“All of this allows the producer to reach that many times what he has is empirical, traditional knowledge, but sometimes he lacks training, especially in the domain of technologies and methods for sowing and harvesting in a climate as variable as the current one and that’s when we intervene as a scientific institution ”.

Role that also allows them to issue evaluative criteria on the application of these new and improved means and methods on a scientific basis to the conditions of agricultural processes in Matanzas.

“It is not a secret for anyone that Matanzas has a high potential for the development of agricultural production with its fertile soils and abundant underground water, but it is necessary to continue accelerating agricultural processes because they contribute to food security, to obtaining exportable resources. ”

Reasons that show the benefit of having centers such as the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute from which the effective application of science and technology in production processes is promoted.


.Original by Ana González Goicochea.