25 October, 2021

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Receives stamp of humanism Starfish Cuatro Palmas hotel .

Fundado el 15 de marzo de 1992, el hotel Starfish Cuatro Palmas fue laureado por su excelente desempeño en el enfrentamiento a la Covid-19. Foto: De la Autora.

“It is an honor to share with the Starfish Cuatro Palmas collective and  motivate them, you are extraordinary,” said Osmar Ramírez Ramírez,  general secretary  of the Trade Workers Union in Matanzas.

The union leader’s statements came after giving this center the Merit to Humanism, Sensitivity and Solidarity stamp, instituted by the National Union of Health Workers, to recognize excellent performances in the confrontation of Covid-19.

The high award rewards the work of hotel managers and employees in the management contract between the international Blue Diamond and Gran Caribe  Cuban chain , which has been in the first line of combat against the coronavirus.

The willingness of this group to contribute to save lives was demonstrated from the moment the Ministries of Tourism and Public Health decided to create the material and training conditions to attend to positive cases of Covid-19 in bungalows 3 and 4 of  Las Palmas module.

Wilfredo Gómez Suárez, general secretary of the union bureau, expressed with great pride the fact that it was the first isolation center for travelers in the province, a mission carried out successfully since February of this year, he pondered.

Gómez Suárez said that the difficult task was joined by the one to enable a hospital for foreign clients positive to the new coronavirus, a task that we continue to comply with with full adherence to biosafety protocols, he said.

Four consecutive times Vanguardia Nacional, this Quality Leader group, is currently executing an intense maintenance program for the start of the tourist season, from November to April when Cuba receives its main flows of foreign vacationers.


.Photo: Founded on March 15th, 1992, the Starfish Cuatro Palmas hotel was awarded for its excellent performance in the fight against Covid-19.

Photo: From the Author.