26 October, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Martian Poetry Wednesday .

I have never liked poetry, I am more about narrative, and in literature that is equivalent to that you like brunette women and do not support blondes. But when I found out that the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba would reopen the Wednesday of Poetry space at its headquarters in Matanzas, from the hand of the poet and friend Pablo G. Lleonart, I had to attend.

I was late as usual, but no one noticed me. The poet recited verses that I have heard a thousand times, but which he had not listened to for a year. Those Martian verses, which to describe them force you to write poetry, to draw the words to the rhythm of the poet who reads them. Then you are left alone with the challenge of choosing between loving a cow or a butter, while breathing Cuba with a touch of Pizza, and you wonder why you weren’t born in 1995.

During the exchange, the young writer took the opportunity to present 1995, by Ediciones Vigía y Inhabitants of Marte, by Ediciones Aldabón. The latter is a compilation of several poems written by the author himself.


At the end of the reading I approached the poet, the friend who was reading. I lent her his book to dedicate to me. The collection of poems is entitled Inhabitants of Mars and it is undoubtedly a good justification for giving blondes a chance … I mean, poetry. The next edition of this space created for poets and poetry will be next month.

.Original by Boris Luis Alonso y Félix González Pérez.









Written in collaboration with Félix González Pérez.