24 January, 2022

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Celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Matanzas painter and collector Lorenzo Padilla .

The 90th anniversary of the painter, engraver and famous collector Lorenzo Padilla Díaz becomes a celebration these days in the Athens of Cuba, his hometown, who admires and respects him for his lauros and generosity for this land that saw him train as an artist and then received donations of high artistic value from you.

In an interview he confessed: “Matanzas is my hometown. It is beautiful and all blue. The Bay of Matanzas is as big as the Bay of Santiago de Cuba. Some great Cuban rhythms emerged in Matanzas: the Danzón, the Rumba, the Mambo …

“My dream is to acquire a great work internationally recognized so that they come to admire it and on the same occasion admire the works of forgotten or unknown masters.” And he said that he wanted the Matanzas Art Museum to become a worldwide accredited institution.

Lorenzo Padilla considers himself a purebred from Matanzas. He was born on September 18th, 1931 and his childhood and adolescence were spent in the Simpson neighborhood, near the banks of the Yumurí river and Watking Park, where he sketched his first drawings. He graduated from Academia Tarascó. He obtained the title of Professor of Drawing and Painting in Fine Arts in 1957.

According to him he has confessed he painted without stopping everything he saw. He was passionate about the great Cuban painters Ponce de León and Carlos Enríquez… Due to his artistic results, in 1959 he was awarded a scholarship to study at the Prado Museum of Art in Madrid. Later he moved to Paris, where he exhibited in famous galleries and maintained ties with Wilfredo Lam.

Among his main influences he cites Diego Velásquez, Goya, El Greco, Turner and Monet. He has said that his dream would be for them to speak of him as a great painter, but above all as a great benefactor.

He then decided that he would contribute to the Museo de Arte from Matanzas and endowed the city with important universal works. For years he has been living in his city of rivers and bridges.

By creating the Foundation that bears his name, he contributed to the organization of exhibitions and events around the world, in the largest cities and in the most remote places with the motto that everyone should have access to art.

Based on the feelings that these absences inspired in him, after many years and with a consolidated professional career, he arranged for his personal collections with 800 original engravings and gifts that painters friends whom he met throughout his life had made him to integrate. Furthermore, the Matanzas Art Museum funds, faithful to its origins, also supplied original works of African art, compiled in various countries of that continent and valued at millions of dollars.

He has received various decorations and recognitions such as Distinguished Son of the City of Matanzas, in 1990; the Distinction for National Culture, 2006; and the French Senate Medal, in 2012.

Original by María Elena Bayón.