8 December, 2021

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The Light of Cintio Vitier in a single letter.

Carlos Rafael Chacón Zaldívar still preserves that letter. When he was barely a 19-year-old boy who ventured into the world of letters he decided to share by means of  the literary concerns  with the Cuban poet Cintio Vitier, 42 years later, he is still surprised and inspires that response.

“I had been reading some essays about him about Cuban poets like Milanese, Cucalambé. I am a natural one of a village of Holguín named Mayarí and I always think about what I could have written so that he was almost forced to answer me, because we had never had any communication.

“This letter was sent on December 27th, 1979, from Figueras Street, number 358, Havana; And Cintio alsoputs an  stamp that  has to do a lot with all of us, because it is a stamp of the firing of the eight medical students. I keep the manuscript, the envelope and although I have lived in several places, I always keep this document with zeal, “he confesses.

He also reviews with nostalgia the lines  when all Cuba pays homage to the eminent narrator, essayist and literary critic in the centenary of his birth :

“Cintio begins saying: dear friend, I allow myself to call you like that for the endearing tone of your lines  that I thank so much and that I find  difficult to answer. The lines arrived on the eve of a trip to Mexico and that is why I have delayed to answer you. ”

That 19-year-old man who managed to embrace the dream of being a writer, still treasures the advice of him:

“In the processes of literary life and at the birth of the new authors there is always a link between the person who writes and the person he has chosen as a guide, as a teacher. So that the words of him have always had a great meaning for me.

“Cintio Vitier is an essential figure in criticism, by organizing scientifically and poetic manner, with the coherence that reaches in the studies of him, the evolution of Cuban poetry from its origins.”

Likewise, stands out among his  texts that Sun of the moral world, “a volume of great importance for the Cuban people for the depth of his appreciations around the meaning of identity and the homeland.

“Sharing this letter is a way to justify the work of Him and influence of Him in many Cuban writers. It can also serve other young people who write, which makes me think of students linked to the literary creation workshop Pablo Neruda at the University of Matanzas, “he adds.

Also professor at the University of Matanzas, from his current home  in the town of Limonar, reads the last lines of the letter, even thoughtful of whom he was able to radiate in admirable simplicity, so much light from him.

“Have the strength to traverse your night and will have its light and do not feel desolately alone, but  alone, because we are all in the immense loneliness that is the unspeakable human communion. Hug you with the little light that can give your friend , Cintio Vitier. “

(Photos: Courtesy of the interviewee).