8 December, 2021

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Tribute to Cintio Vitier in its centenary .

Emotive homage gestures offered the city of Matanzas at the centenary of his birth to the Insignne Writer Vitier Bolaños, considered as the most relevant scholar of the work of José Martí, the purest defender of our Cuban and prestigious poet.

With particular esteem, the stay of him was evoked in the Athens of Cuba during his childhood and adolescence, in a Mass carried out in the Church the Carmelitas, where he learned the Christian Foundations and Instrumental and Coral Music.

A tare  was dedicated to Vitier in the house, Sita on May 70 (7904) between Contreras and Milanés, his home for many years with his parents, Medardo and Cristina, relevant Figures of Matanzas society in the first half of the twentieth century.

At the event, the director of  Matanzas Editions, the writer Alfredo Zaldívar, enhanced Vitier literary career and Martiana within the revolutionary Christians of solid principles and rated the outstanding intellectual as a symbol of Cuba.

Also the historian Martínez Carmenate, valued the importance of the property in which Vitier lived, since it was the school site, under the pedagogical mantle of Medardo, significant figure of Matanzas Culture.

The provincial band of concerts and spiral dance members offered their art into tribute to the essayist and poet and a parade was made up to the theater El Mirón Cubano, chaired by Osbel Marrero, Provincial Director of Culture and Efraín Pérez, Director of the Provincial book and literature Center.

In the  Theatrical Sala, a panel integrated by CaridadContreras Llorca, authoress of compilation letters to Mario, Misivas de Vitier Bolaños to his friend Mario Argenter, as well as Maylan Álvarez, Alfredo Zaldívar and Beatriz Ferreiro, with the goal of Present the digital version of Matanzas Magazine, dedicated entirely to the centenary of  Cintio Vitier, one of the great Cuban intellectuals of all time.

It was reported that in this monographic number texts are included on the narrative of Cintio, his studies on Martí, the poems dedicated by Luis Lorente, Damaris Calderón, Juana García Abbas and José Luis Fariñas, as well as Cintio remembrances that share Jorge Luis Arcos, the study of his poetry prepared by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez and the approach of Roberto Méndez to his book the Cuban in poetry.


.Original by María Elena Bayón.