24 January, 2022

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The Aurora of Gerardo (+ Audio)

Aurora smears strongly in her arms a small red naylon. She holds it and waits in the shadow that the act is over in the neighborhood of Pastorita in Matanzas.

The young delegate of the neighborhood insisted on her presence to become an accomplice of a meeting that should have happened many years ago. Aurora Cabrera Fuentes sees between lights and shadows, but she has an enviable memory, valuable lucidity at 97 years.

When the time comes, she is approaching a man and she only asks if he is able to recognize her. More than ten years have passed since  began that complicity between her and Gerardo Hernández Nordelo.

– “Are you aurora? … The Aurora of the island, “replies the hero of the Republic of Cuba.

She thought whenever she was going to die without seeing him. She opens the red naylon and takes one to one cards received from Lompoc’s high security prison, one of the many centers in which Gerardo was held for 16 years of his life.

Aurora, like other Cubans, expressed the solidarity of her with the cause of the five via cards.

“One day I saw in the newspaper the directions of the prisons and I knew that you could write. I asked and people told me that Gerardo always answered and so it was. ”

At first she wrote him as Mama Aurora, after Gerardo’s mother’s died, she preferred to identify herself as his grandmother.

Dear Grandma Aurora, (…) I just received a letter sent from Germany, with a very nice tenths dedicated to the five. Thanks for remind us always!


 She knows the value of correspondence and shows one by one the newspaper cuts that Gerardo sent to her.


When he returned to Cuba in 2014 he received the last letter accompanied by a phone call. On that occasion she had a picture of Adriana, Gerardo and the newborn Gema. Since then, she was expecting the reunion.

But, how this was not possible until today, I think it is necessary to return to the beginning of history.

When Aurora started her correspondence she resided in New Girona, island of youth and lived with her one of her daughters, however her daughter gets ill and had to come to Matanzas with her other daughter .

That is why Gerardo was excited, he did not kissed her in that encounter for the hygienic-epidemiological situation. But he approached and listened to the tenths guarded for him, the ones that became aurora among the prison bars.


.Original by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.