8 December, 2021

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Constituted Commission to declare Matanzas Creative City in Literature.

The Commission will organize the preparation of the application file with a view to incorporating Matanzas into the World Network of Creative Cities of the United Nations Education Organization, Science and Culture was constituted in the conservative office of Matanzas city , under the guidance of its director, the Master Leonel Pérez Orozco.

Pérez Orozco. explained the importance of this step that will allow to consolidate the study and search of the data in the branch of literature, in this land of poets and writers insignes, which has a broad execution along with a thriving literary and publishing movement dating from 19th century to date.

This work demands the active participation of personalities and institutions, so it was considered to lead the Commission of the Urban Intellectuals Martínez Carmendate, Alfredo Zaldívar, Ulises Rodríguez Febles and Efraín Pérez, the latter by the institutional part as director of the provincial center of the book and Literature.

There were also convened writers, researchers and journalists with directors of  publishers and will be counted on the consent of government entities, with the aim of responding to the arguments requested within a period that leads to the preliminary presentation of the file in the next edition of the International Book Fair in Matanzas, by March 2022.

Also, from the touristic and economic point of view, it is worth mentioning the relevance of the declaration of a city in this worldwide network, since it responds to the intention of using creativity as a sustainable urban development engine, of social integration and cultural life .

More than 200 cities form the network in the world and work together in order to position the creation and cultural industries at the center of their local development plan and actively cooperate at the international level. The list, which covers a varied representation of localities of all continents, includes the contribution in categories such as music, design, cinema, literature, digital arts or gastronomy.

For our country, Havana in the field of music and trinity in the traditional craftsmanship and arts, integrate the network since 2019, as long as this year presented this year its candidacy: Santiago de Cuba, declared for the musical reference of Ibero-America in the Music, and Camagüey, who aspires to qualify in literature, according to the last report dated in Paris, on the occasion of the UNESCO Special Meeting on this subject, which was carried out virtually from the city of Santos, in Brazil.

The literary wealth of the city of Matanzas is one of the struts that has contributed to its historical proclamation as the Athens of Cuba and deserves that award from the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization, by owning enough merits of national and international ranking in centuries ago, the present and undoubted boom prospects in the years to come.


.Original by María Elena Bayón.