8 December, 2021

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Johann Trujillo: the reflected light between the art book and literature .

The exhibition entitled Otra vez La Araña, by designer Johann E. Trujillo Rodríguez, with 14 art books in tribute to the centenary of the poet Digdora Alonso, goes beyond the spirit of the works, to bring to light the talent of the artist, consummated in 25 years of fruitful work.

Exhibited in the UNEAC House in Matanzas, the notebooks and their careful environmental decoration, take the viewer into what is predicted as a dreamlike and seductive journey of encounters between art and literature, combined in these two highly valuable artists within the national culture.

There are poems, each one filigree in large format with the use of cardboard and the skill, described by Amarilys Ribot in its presentation and catalog, of “mixing the techniques of digital printing and screen printing, painting, gluing, sewing, dyeing, pressing, hardening. and patina reminiscent of the poster and theatrical props. “

The exhibition and the montage honor the writings of the distinctive Digdoria style, known to its fervent readers; I mean “Looking at the portrait of a queen”, “Por una pregunta”, “Bajo el Hongo”, “Coleccionista de Mariposas”, “El padre Antonio” and “Otra vez La Araña”, among the most prominent, for their deep humanistic and philosophical message.

At the opening of the exhibition, which was curated by Jacquelín Méndez, the artist had words of praise for his teacher and inspirer of the exhibition in tribute to Digdora, the prestigious designer and founder of the art book in Matanzas, Rolando Estévez Jordán. In the same way, he praised the support that during these years he has felt around him, which has allowed him to reveal dreams and fascinations.

The troubadour Lien Rodríguez and her daughter Luna Pantoja, a cellist, delighted with their music. Moments later, the space “Como Ángel Cierto” began, sponsored by the Casa de las Letras Digdora Alonso and its director Alfredo Zaldívar, on that special afternoon with Johann as a guest. The writer and playwright Ulises Rodríguez Febles used the word and expressed:

“Johann is a surprise at every new appearance; he captures universes, so dissimilar and contrasting, of genres, styles, trends and returns them converted into art, with the essences and exquisiteness of his creation.

“Exposed his books, magazines, posters, in a set, highlight his sensitivity to catch and discern the metaphors that live within the written word; because Johann is a poet of the image, who knows that in each of his designs there is hope for the authors of this country, a unique book, revealing of the entrails of what we have written, a book that is a search and an unpublished look ”.

The interview was conducted by the writer Maylan Álvarez, who with her peculiar amenity managed to discover little-known details of the artist and, then, she was given encouragement on behalf of institutions in the province and personalities who appreciate her work.

Present were Osbel Marrero, provincial director of Culture; José Manuel Espino, president of the UNEAC in Matanzas and Efrahím Pérez, director of the Books and Literature Provincial Center.

Trujillo is currently one of the nation’s leading graphic designers, with a record backed by works from Vigía editions, where he started in 1996; Matanzas, permanent forge; and Aldabón, an innovative challenge, and invited to other publishers in the country and abroad, in addition to marking their mark in the theater, in Sauto, Papalote and Las Estaciones. He has studied and worked in Spain, Mexico, the United States, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico.

In a quarter of a century he has obtained 58 national awards in various categories and has been nominated for the National Book Design Award for his life’s work, from 2013 to date. His work appears in important collections in Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Spain, France, Canada, and Austria.

Whoever reads these lines about the trajectory of Johann Trujillo, might think that he is a man burdened by work, books and crafts; However, know that you are dominated by the gift of joy, that which is observed in the sparkle in your eyes and in the warm smile on his lips.

In a recent interview with Frank Ortega for the page Atenas Uneac Artistas, he stated: «Designing books is a work of great rigor and responsibility. I read the text first and from there I elaborate my ideas in which I try to synthesize and brevity first. Then I try to convince the author and editor that this is the correct proposition.
A good cover is decisive to attract readers. “The art book is a single book that an artist makes. I confess that I do not know the number of books I have worked on, but I do keep them all ».