8 December, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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How Lucio transformed the “dog’s tooth” (+ audio) .

The field is in your blood even if you live in the sea. Lucio San Román Rojas, lifeguard by trade, makes his hobby in the countryside an option for self-sufficiency and contribution to the State and its neighbors in the town of Boca de Camarioca, in Cárdenas municipality.

On his days of rest he joins his horse to the cart and visits the farm that was granted to him by Decree Law 300, which allows legal and natural persons to own and work idle land.

Although the “dog’s tooth” and the thick forest made any peasant hopeless, the commitment and solidarity of the elders of the area turned that arid terrain into a viable farm for cultivation.


Original by Yudeth Gutierrez Rodríguez.