24 January, 2022

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Murals inaugurated in tribute to the flag and Fidel .

In a month full of historical events, the people of Matanzas celebrated with various political-cultural activities the 153rd anniversary of the beginning of the struggles for Cuban independence, the 45th of the creation of the Organs of Popular Power, in which Matanzas was a pioneer in 1974 and the 328th anniversary of the founding of the City.

One of these recognitions took place on the morning of this Monday when the plastic artist Jesús Alberto Mederos Martínez officially inaugurated his monumental murals Tribute to my Flag and My Commander, which are exhibited in the thirteen-storey buildings located in the Peñas Altas neighborhood, in the Athens of Cuba.

The activity was chaired by the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the territory and featured the performance of the actress Miriam Muñoz, the troubadour Raúl Torres and the doctor and soloist Jamilette Navarro.

The moment was also propitious, to recognize the entities that made possible the execution and culmination of the plastic work, a symbol of the Cubans and patriotism, carried out with the aim of maintaining the revolutionary fervor among the inhabitants of the city,  as expressed its creator Jesús Alberto Mederos.


At the end of the activity, the members of the Party and the provincial and municipal government, chaired by the first secretary, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, and the governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo, made a visit to  La Marina neighborhood to check the construction works that are being carried out there in benefit of the neighboring population.

Photos: Girón Newspaper.

Original by Melissa Blanco Déniz.