24 January, 2022

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Matanzas Social Gathering: tributes, promotion of events and pronouncement of the UNEAC

Evocative of the cultural work of the founders and creators of the present became the Matanzas Social Gathering, a special occasion on this 328th anniversary of the city of #Matanzas, celebrating the Day of #CubanCulture, in its style as well as promotional  outstanding events.

During this gathering, artists and writers from #UNEAC spoke out in support of compliance with essential articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.

José Manuel Espino, president of the UNEAC in Matanzas, together with vice-presidents Leo Ernesto García Ramos and Alfonsito Lloréns, told the audience that “UNEAC, as same as culture, aspires to lead the country from unity, to fruitful dialogue and, without doubts, from the respect to the Constitution. This leads us to state that we are against these marches, because this country is decided by the Cubans and we do not allow foreign interference. “

Matanzas’s UNEAC president added that the organization supports the statement of the Mayor of Old Havana of not to allow destabilizing marches in that area of ​​the country’s capital.”

On the other hand the visual artists Ramón Chávez and Luis Octavio Hernández, head of the Palma group and of  La Aurora cultural center, expressed their opinions about this theme.

With García Ramos, as permanent host, the space of the Matanzas’s UNEAC House dedicated moments to contact by video with Ildefonso Acosta, the first president of this organization, which motivated the dissertation of various anecdotes from one of his friends, Silvio Fresno; The visit to Agustín Drake was visualized at his home and there was the opportunity to talk in person with José Ramón Chavez Pérez, who won the 2020 Provincial Prize for Plastic Arts, together with Lorenzo Padilla, who was sent a recognition message. Orlando García Lorenzo, who was president in the 1990s, was also remembered.

The premiere of the documentary J. R. Chávez: toda una vida, by the visual artist Ramón Pacheco Salazar, impressed the public by showing the aesthetics of the interviewee through a well-used dramaturgy, with effective links in the transitions. A dialogue was also established between the guest’s family and co-workers, including Federico Almeida.

Representatives of important institutions such as the José Martí Cultural Society, the Pharmaceutical Museum, the Association of Artisans and Artists, the Union of Architects and the University of Matanzas  gave encouragement and had words of praise.

 René Quirós, National Award for Community Culture, expressed his joy at participating in this meeting and promoted various activities to be carried out during the 46 Week of Culture. Likewise, the actress Fara Madrigal announced the celebration of the Thirteenth  Barquito de Papel Filmmakers’ Event and became acquainted with the Fourteenth  Nelson Barrera In Memorian Film and Video Meeting. The guitarist José Manuel González, delighted the audience.

The evening culminated with the performance of students from the Professional School of Art of the territory and a multiplied choir, congratulating the city on its 328th birthday.


Original by María Elena Bayón Mayor.