8 December, 2021

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

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Young engineer ponders science and technology applied to her crops .

“I offer my farm to experiment with these agroecological techniques.”

Thus, the comment presented in a simple and direct way by the young Lisy Delgado López, a chemical engineer by profession and a small farmer by family tradition in Matanzas, broke the silence of the room to draw the attention of those who participated in the conference session of the Exhibition Provincial of the Matanzas Youth Technical Brigades.

“I was very interested in the presentation of the young researchers from Indio Hatuey (an important and recognized scientific center located in the municipality of Perico), on new fertilizers obtained from natural waste and logically I would like to apply them on the family farm.”

A property that, inherited from the grandparents, is identified with the name of Cuabalejos. Two and a half of black earth in the fertile area of the Matanzas municipality of Jovellanos.

«At the moment we run the farm in the traditional way, as my grandparents used to operate it. With the banana that has always been grown in it, the taro, although we are already venturing into other crops of interest to the family, the cooperative and the municipality. We also take the first steps inside the flower shop. “In these endeavors, agroecology is essential to raise the quality of production, yields and the efficiency of our work as small farmers.”

Entrepreneur, creative and friend of innovations that favor production processes in harmony with the environment, Lisy, who is also the science and technical specialist of the General Contractor of Works of Varadero, defends the idea that everyone, from their own bit, contribution to the food program of the town.

«For example, last year, in addition to the traditional products that we take to the Jovellanos markets that we have assigned, we planted an agroecological potato that Indio Hatuey also promotes with good results and is highly accepted by the population.

For this reason, all this is a great challenge for me. We have to continue experimenting and if it is hand in hand with science and technology for me it is perfect ».

Criteria of a young woman from Matanzas who, without giving up her professional activity, maintains the link with the land, a natural and ideal resource that Cuba has to achieve sustainability and food security.

original by Ana González Goicochea.