24 January, 2022

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Song Day with Raúl Torres for Cuban Culture .

The singer-songwriter from Matanzas Raúl Torres made this Tuesday a tour and a troubadour  exchange through various educational centers in Matanzas.

Guitar in hand in improvised stages at the University of Matanzas, the Carlos Marx Pre-University Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences and the University of Medical Sciences, the author of ‘Cabalgando con Fidel’, ‘Candil de Nieves’ and ‘A Cuba must be wanted’ Among other musical themes, he sang accompanied by students and teachers.

The meetings also turned into acts of revolutionary reaffirmation and  as a breath of fresh air in these times when the school year is restarting, said  Leticia Fuentes Alfonso,  first vice-chancellor  of Matanzas University.

“Although the majority of the university students were not there because in this first stage of the course we functioned by staggering, by distancing ourselves, we thank you very much for dedicating this time to the center.

«And it is that today’s Cuban university student has a comprehensive training with an important humanist component that allows him to assume decisive roles in the midst of the confrontation with the pandemic, in the face of the extreme measures imposed on us by the United States Government and the destabilizing actions that from the territory Americans are promoting against Cuba and the Revolution.

«For all these reasons, the opportunity to exchange with a musician committed to the Cuban revolutionary process like Raulito, who shows through his songs a look at the reality that exists beyond our borders, is also a necessary class for this generation, the in charge of continuing the work begun in 1959 ».

Different day, with the trova as the protagonist, a day in which the singer-songwriter from Matanzas also gave spaces to talented young people who like to sing songs and improvised verse, actions that, according to Raúl himself, enrich and stimulate his artistic work.

“It really is not the first time that I carry out this type of activity with young people from our country, but without a doubt this has been special because it occurs in the initial days of their reunion with the school after the long period of distance that the confrontation with the Covid-19.

«For this reason I get the best of experiences. It has been like a spiritual recharge because they are like a kind of witness, a thermometer to measure my work, to check how much it reaches youth.

«Not only I, any artist must have a frequent approach with the schools and with those who study in them. It’s a way of keeping up to date on how our speech reaches them.

Original by Ana González Goicochea.