8 December, 2021

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Migratory birds surround Matanzas bay .

Birds are part of our natural heritage and a key piece in maintaining the ecosystems where they live. The benefits of these peculiar inhabitants of the Earth range from seed dispersal and pollination, to Arctic climate control and biological pest control.

The north coast of the province of Matanzas constitutes a perfect habitat for the nesting of many species, some foreigners that migrate seasonally and some native to the area.

This photo report shows some of the most common birds that surround  Matanzas bay.

Actitis macularius or spotted sandpiper is a natural migratory bird from the northern United States and Canada that migrates to South America during winter. In Cuba it can be seen during migration in May, with a plumage full of small dots, or in October with grayish tones and a white breast.

This bird draws attention for its specific hunting method, recognized for its constant nodding and wobbling. They are seen a lot on the coast, near areas of abundant fish.

The Thalasseus maximus, better known as the royal tern or tern, is a migratory species that reaches the Cuban coasts in summer to reproduce, while they return to South America to spend the winter.

The red-tailed plover or screaming plover (Charadrius vociferus) is a species of bird that, although it is more common in crops, inhabits any area that easily provides food. This little flier is easy to tell apart due to two black stripes on its white chest.

It is very common to find them in Yumurí and San Juan rivers, due to the muddy nature of these areas.

The brown pelican, a symbol of the state of Louisana, in the United States, lives mainly in the coastal areas of the Caribbean.

Original by Félix González Pérez.