8 December, 2021

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Water in Bolondrón: a long-standing problem (+ audio).

“I moved here since 2000. All that time I was carrying water in buckets two blocks from my house. Today I suffer from fibromyalgia and all my bones ache. My hope is that this problem will finally be solved, because they have promised it for many years, ”confesses Sonia Díaz Trujillo, a neighbor of  25  Street in the Bolondrón Popular Council.

I arrived in the 13th district of this popular council six years ago when I was just beginning the exercise of Journalism. So I tried to reflect on the pages of the weekly Girón the aging claim of these neighbors about the lack of water.

                                                                              UNTIL THE BRIGADE ARRIVED

According to the former director of the Business Unit for the Aqueduct and Sewer Base in Pedro Betancourt, the replacement of a section of the conduit and the expansion of the network had not been successful, so it remained to place two valves to regulate the inlet. But from that moment on, the need for a greater investment kept the solutions in suspense, until twenty days ago the brigade arrived when no one expected it.

“They have worked a lot, consciously, even until very late; and the neighbors have cooperated. What is needed is to know later how the valve system is going to work, so that the water reaches this extreme, ”says Irma Rodríguez Ruiz, president of the CDR.

The execution, by the Gabriel Valiente Occidente Hydraulic Works Maintenance and Rehabilitation Company, amounts to 120 thousand pesos, as explained by Yosiel Landín Gamaso, Maintenance Director at the provincial Aqueduct and Sewer Company.

“1.6 kilometers of pipes of various diameters were installed to solve the situation of the 156 houses that are affected in this area,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Reynaldo Báez Hernández, director of the UEB in the Pedro Betancourt municipality, explains that alternatives were recently sought in the absence of oxygen and acetylene to complete the work as soon as possible and guarantee the supply of the homes that for so many years have received the service through pipes.

At the head of the brigade Daniel Romero Rodríguez, head of maintenance in the municipality, highlights: “Ditches were dug, connections were placed on the houses and leaks were fixed with the equipment we have.”



But the main concern of the inhabitants of this area near the Cabaret of Bolondrón is that at the end of the actions the water reaches each home. This is how Odalys Rodríguez Tadeo states it:

“We think that when all the result work is finished; what we need the support of the municipality, Hydrology and the factors of the territory and when they are going to put the water, even if it is on alternate days, that valves are closed. Otherwise the water will not arrive with force and if it does not, it will not reach all the houses ”.

Undoubtedly, this approach of the residents of constituency number 13 has been delayed too long. Today what they hope and deserve is that in reality the difficulties in the water supply be solved once and for all, and with the support of the authorities.

The timely and efficient completion of the work, together with the solution of leaks, such as the one that spills these days in the vicinity of the town’s City Hall park, are essential so that at last the water situation in Bolondrón ceases to be a problem unresolved and become just a sad memory.


Original by Jeidi Suárez García.