24 January, 2022

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Febrile cases increase in Pedro Betancourt (+ audio) .

At the end of the last week, an upward trend is reported in terms of the number of febrile syndromes in  Pedro Betancourt municipality, due to the proliferation of the mosquito  Aedes aegypti , explains Damaris Vera Padrón, deputy director of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the territory.

According to the directive, a difference of more than ten cases was detected in the last seven days, for a risk increase of 143.3 percent compared to the previous week.

Elain Torres Galindo, head of the municipal department of Vector Control and Surveillance, warns of the increase in outbreaks, especially in the Bolondrón and Güira de Macurijes Popular Councils.


Vera Padrón emphasizes the importance of blocking febriles through the fumigation of homes where cases are detected and their surroundings, as well as focal and treatment.

These actions, together with the realization of the family surveillance  in each home, the periodic cleaning of the tanks and the elimination of landfills, are essential to control this dangerous vector.