8 December, 2021

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Thinking the theater in times of pandemic (+ audio, billboard, catalog and video) .

From October 23rd to 31st, Cuba hosts the 19th International Theater Festival of Havana, this year with initiatives adjusted to the times of pandemic.


Covid-19 has meant a great shock for everyone from an individual point of view. The losses, sufferings and fears that it has raised will hardly be a turn of the page in the lives of many people around the world.

Perhaps in a short time the pandemic will be a bad memory, a cruelty that robbed us of time to enjoy, to share with friends and family, that deprived us of the life of someone special.

We have all in some way been touched by that painful and sad reality. Artists are not exempt from the situation that has shaken people, rich or poor, of one or another ideology, creed, race, gender …

That is why the organizing committee of the International Theater Festival of Havana in its nineteenth edition has seen fit to dedicate part of its theoretical event to this topic. A panel dedicated to the development of theater in recent times, under the title Theater and pandemic, will take place on October 31st.


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Will take part in the analyzes Blanca Felipe Rivero, as moderator, Ederlys Rodríguez, Mario Cárdenas, Ernesto Parra, Laura Hernández, Rafael Pérez Insua, «Tin» Cremata and the Matanzas playwright Ulises Rodríguez Febles, director of the Scenic Memory House.

“For me it is a pleasure to be at the Havana Theater Festival in a panel dedicated to theater and the pandemic because in my presentation I will expose the particularities of my experience about the pandemic reality that began for us on March 15, 2020 and that we still live, but hopefully we are in a time of normality.

“I am talking about the moments in which I wrote the Quarantine text, which I have happily just presented as a book, which addresses the first moments of the entry of the pandemic in Cuba, the impact it had on the psychological, social and economic aspects in us as human beings.

“Quarantine also pays tribute to health workers, those who faced work in the yellow or red zone.”

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His intervention also reflects the acceptance that the text has had among readers, critics, editors, researchers and publishers, after winning the Matanzas City Foundation Prize contest in 2020.

His opinions contributed to the rewriting of the play, as well as the exchange that he generated with the Vital Teatro group “which began to rehearse, work with me and made the play their own. The goal was to premiere it in March 2021 at the Sauto theater in Matanzas.

“The presentation could not take place because by then the situation worsened and they were tragic moments for the city and the province, for those of us who faced the risk of illness and death, with the theaters closed.”

The television program Corazón feliz is an example of how Matanzas groups assumed the pandemic stage with new projects.

The television program Corazón feliz is an example of how Matanzas groups assumed the pandemic stage with new projects.

Rodríguez Febles’ presentation also refers explicitly to the characteristics that have marked the theater during the last 19 months in Cuba.

“The creativity, the originality, the unprecedented sense that Matanzas artists have had, who are the ones that I have been closest to.”


This October 31st concludes the 19th edition of the Havana Theater Festival, an event that, adapted to the new times and the lacerating reality of the pandemic, was not limited only to its realization, but also made the theater grow, even under the difficult circumstances that we still live.

Now, from television it meant an opportunity to reinvent themselves, a breath of hope for many who at some point succumbed to the anxiety of silence, the pain of calm theaters, dark stages.

Only remains to dream  of the appointment that in two years, hopefully without a pandemic, invites new works, rekindled energies and endless good times together with one of the oldest and most beautiful human activities in the world.

Original by Jessica Mesa Duarte.