24 January, 2022

Radio26.Cu – Matanzas, Cuba

The Radio Station of your Heart from Matanzas, Cuba

Group exhibition” We continue in combat” at the Pedro Esquerré gallery.

The group exhibition” We are still in combat” will be adorning the Pedro Esquerré art gallery in the city of Matanzas until the end of December, as a continuation of its virtual exhibition since the middle of the year.

At the inauguration, before a well-attended audience, Alexander Lobaina, who was curator together with Lianet Arias, highlighted the response of the creators to the call, whom “with their speeches and personal narratives materialized this noble endeavor”. And as the catalog specifies, “in the middle of a cultural battle (…) that tries to separate and hate rather than unite and found on (…) a sick planet”.

In an interview with Radio 26 broadcasting station, Juan Francisco González, director of the Provincial Council of Visual Arts, pointed out that “the exhibition features 40 pieces by more than 30 artists, including exponents from the territories of the province. Small-format sculptures, paintings, installations, digital photographs and a performance are appreciated, which shows the creativeness of artists in  Matanzas ».

Among the participating figures are exponents of several generations, from established teachers to the newest and most emerging in these visual tasks.

The public in Matanzas will be able to appreciate in all its magnitude this set of works of undoubted quality in the Pedro Esquerré art gallery, located in  Vigía Square, the founding site of the Athens of Cuba.


Original by María Elena Bayón Mayor.