24 January, 2022

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Arcane, the series of the moment .

When I found out that the Netflix platform would release a series based on the League of Legends video game universe, I was skeptical, I admit it. But after enjoying its nine episodes, I have an obligation to get on the praise bandwagon.

Arcane shows us two twin cities, separated by an insurmountable economic and social gap. Conflict that is reflected in two sisters who face in a fierce war between magical technologies and opposing convictions. This is how the series presents the official page of the platform, but  they fall short.

The series touches on the sensitive side of today’s societies, while bringing to the table issues such as family, war, control, and how technology affects our lives. All thanks to characters as real as they are profound, in the middle of a fascinating, but credible world.

Animation and visuals are on another level. What at first glance seems like a 3D animation style that borders on simplicity, turns out to be the opposite. Arcane makes an impressive display of visual resources, which in almost perfect harmony with the location of the camera in the scene, keep us glued to the screen, so as not to miss a detail.

This won’t be the last video game-based series we’ll see. Netflix already offered us Dota Sangre de Dragón, with also considerable success. Without a doubt, the growth of the gamer public has created a market niche for audiovisuals and the market knows it. But as long as it is with the quality of Arcane, it is welcome.

Original by Boris Luis Alonso Pérez.