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Matanzas radio amateurs are in elections

Gloria Machado León 4 diciembre, 2017

Around 70 radio amateurs provide their services for years in the development of elections, in the different processes convened for the purpose, with quality and immediacy. One of these valuable men is Luis Díaz Jaquinet, who together with his colleagues gave coverage to the first round of the 2017-2018 general elections, held on Sunday, November 26, to elect the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power and yesterday I was ready to take action in the new round of elections.


Second round of elections in Matanzas

Gloria Machado León 3 diciembre, 2017

On Sunday, December 3erd, in Matanzas, as throughout the country, second-round suffrages will take place to elect delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of Popular Power in 40 districts, except for the municipalities of Zapata Penisula and Unión de Kings. As stipulated in the electoral law, these elections are held for the second time when two or more candidates are tied or because none of the nominees reached more than half of the valid votes cast, expression of the democratic essence of the Cuban electoral system.


Fidel will be remembered eternally

Gloria Machado León 1 diciembre, 2017

Last Sunday (November 26th) the day was clear, the sky was bright blue and the sea looked calm. Everything was harmony. The streets of the city of Matanzas were dressed in blue, red and white, the colors of our national flag. There was conspiracy, in a good sense of the word, to develop the electoral day where the municipal delegates of the Popular Power would be elected.


A pioneer who continues to vibrate after 43 years

Gloria Machado León 27 noviembre, 2017

43 years ago, María Elena García González was guarding the ballot boxes of the electoral college # 1, of the 46th district, of the Beach. On that occasion he was eleven years old. She still remembers with emotion when Fidel visited that electoral center on June 30th, 1974, the year in which the People’s Power in Matanzas was established as an experience.


They recall Fidel’s visit to the electoral college in 1974

Gloria Machado León 26 noviembre, 2017

On this historic day when the Matanzas came to vote for Cuba and elect their municipal delegates to the organs of Popular Power, a simple act of remembrance took place at the Minerva Duarte Blood Bank, in this city, on the 30th June 1974 was visited by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on the occasion of operating there at that time an electoral college, when the experience of the bodies of People’s Power in the province of Matanzas.

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