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A project that strengthens the rights of children

Gloria Machado León 6 noviembre, 2016

Cuba is one of the countries in the world that respects the rights of children. They are directed at various programs that are known in the mass media or are materialized through community projects, so within the world context our reality exhibits a different face, with high hopes that shift the inequalities between a Gender and other. In this way we will maintain the position that the Greater Antilles has achieved at the international level to protect the rights of girls and women, and of course that all the structures of the country are involved in their good practices.


A 25 years ratify and enforce the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Gloria Machado León 21 septiembre, 2016

September 20th marked the 25th anniversary of which Cuba ratified and put into force the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the first instrument that brought together in a single text the whole range of human, economic, social, political and civil rights, as well as a set of standards for child protection.


Lost childhood

Gloria Machado León 4 junio, 2016

If for every smile that erased the angelic face of an infant, if for every tender look of child clouds or darkens completely because of the horrors of war, fell a drop of water on the sea, the oceans and would have flooded all continents.It might seem poetic, but reality shows that while greed and hegemonism some continue to generate invasions, bombings and all kinds of military aggression on other nations of the world, the main victims remain millions of small.


October , a month of Pioneers contests

Gloria Machado León 16 octubre, 2014

Contests such as : Leer a Marti, La filatelia y mi organización, Meteorología y la comunidad (Read Martí, Philately and my organization, Meteorology and community )are part of the calls of the José Martí Pioneers Organization in the Pioneers groups during the month of October.

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