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Developing environmental awareness to save the oceans.

The oceans are one of the most important elements for the survival of human beings and the planet’s species in general. However, their condition has deteriorated due to man’s own actions. For this reason, promoting environmental awareness in new generations is essential for their care in the present and the future, on the occasion of today’s International Oceans Day.



Overfishing, plastic and garbage, the acidification of the seas and the exploitation of their marine wealth are nothing more than threats resulting from human irresponsibility that causes daily damage, even irreparable damage to the seas. It is therefore essential to raise awareness about actions to preserve them.

They regulate the climate, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide much of the oxygen we breathe. They also provide much of the food we eat, such as fish. Helping young children to discover the ocean, the seas and marine wildlife as a family helps to develop their environmental awareness.

Written by Leydis  Hernández Pelier.

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