Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Waiting for Gay Pride Day (+infographic).

In anticipation of Gay Pride Day on June 28th, the Callejón de las Tradiciones Cultural Center carries out activities in celebration of this day.

Workshops, youth clubs, doll parties, concerts, participatory games and fairs are just some of the proposals that are being carried out in the Atenas de Cuba to celebrate Gay Pride Month. The same have as their main platform the Alley of Traditions, but are spread throughout the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo.

«It is a stage full of people from the community in the city, where they enjoy an educational and cultural program,» is how Yoelkis Torres Tápanes, director of the AfroAtenAs project, defines the experience.

The celebrations will last until June 28th, International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day. AfroAtenAs has organized these meetings, created itineraries during these three weeks of celebration and published in their social networks, available to everyone.

Work done by Thalía García in collaboration with Daniela Candelario, both students of Journalism.


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