Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»



The Provincial Broadcasting Station Radio 26 won the Grand Prize for special topics with the radio documentary Siniestro en Supertanqueros at the XXXIV National Radio Festival, held in the province of Holguin.

The communicative product elaborated by the young journalist Yunielis Moliner Isasi together with the filmmaker Reniel Mejías covers in only 14 minutes the 12 days after that fateful fire in one of the crude oil warehouses in the city of Matanzas, material that becomes a heritage of the Cuban radio, according to the jury of the event.

The Matanzas radio station also received an award in the specialized music category with the program En clave matancera directed by Odalys Oriol Miranda, which was also recognized by the Cuban Institute of Music.
This musical is about the history of the Sonora Matancera and the arrival of son to Matanzas.

In the case of news, the magazine De Primera Mano, directed by David Zamora López, was awarded a prize, while the Noticiero Provincial de Radio received a mention, as did the coverage of the fire at the Supertanqueros de Matanzas base.

Matanzas journalist Yunielis Moliner won the prize in the Special Themes category for her radio documentary which, according to the jury, sensitizes and shakes the listener.


Likewise, Matanzas filmmaker Reniel Mejías was awarded in the Individual Category for Best Recording and Editing for the aforementioned radio documentary.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.



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