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The Cocodrilos de Matanzas in search of the epic comeback.


After losing the first two games of the semifinal play off against Las Tunas, Matanzas did its job as a home team winning two of the three games at the Victoria de Giron, so the clash between Leñadores and Cocodrilos returned to the Julio Antonio Mella stadium in Las Tunas.

In spite of the effort made by the sports management in Las Tunas, the sixth game scheduled for this Saturday, July the 29th will be in the daytime at 2:00 pm, due to the fact that it was not possible for a specialized brigade to enter the stadium to install each of the 113 lamps on the playing field.

However, the lighting situation does not affect the development of the play off, where nerves are on edge and high quality games have been played, with mistakes and clear deficiencies, but fought, especially games always closed and defined in the last innings, even with two games that went to extra innings.

In general terms, Las Tunas has presented a pitching staff that is indecipherable for the Matanzas offense, as evidenced by the dullness of the bats during the previous games, where the two victories of the Cocodrilos depended to a great extent on defensive errors by the Leñadores.

If Arruebarena, Gracial, Mujica and company are in good shape, and the pitching can hold the Tunera offense, Matanzas has a great chance to achieve its goal of winning the remaining two games.

Let’s not fool ourselves, the Crocodiles are facing the team in the best shape at the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs, but it is not impossible.

Written by Alejandro López Quintero.


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