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«Bells are ringing» at Union de Reyes.


In the session of the Provincial Council of Government this October, the possibilities of the municipality of Unión de Reyes to satisfy its plans for the production of goods and services, to be self-sufficient and to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants in all spheres, among other topics, were analyzed.

The report presented to this instance portrayed the economic and social base of a territory notable for its agricultural conditions and called for a better correspondence between offers and prices; in such a way that the salary there recovers its purchasing power.

In spite of the positive aspects, where its advances are based, Unión de Reyes must first overcome the challenge of completing the empty payrolls. The municipality lacks 22 managers, something that would not matter so much if they were not key positions to ensure the functioning of the administration and to remove from the road the stones that hit its daily life.

Territorial management could not be effective if five positions remain vacant in the Health Directorate, four in the Education Directorate, two in the Housing Directorate and eleven in the Municipal Administration Council (CAM), including the Deputy Superintendent of Food, the Directors of Justice, Economy and Planning, Patrimony and Construction, the heads of the Secretariat and the Head of the Public Services Section, just to mention some of the most relevant positions.


It is strategic for the functioning of the municipality to fill the vacancies, warned Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo, after specifying matters related to the important actions of control and supervision by the delegates; the best way, he insisted, to be aware of what affects the people and that «the problems do not take us by surprise».

He specified the need to know which entities pay less attention to the voters’ proposals, as well as the importance of the permanent commissions of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power (AMPP) to check the work systems of the organizations related to the complaints and the way in which they attend to the progress of the economy indicators.

«Everyone has to fulfill their part in the integral functioning of the AMPP and its CAM», emphasized Sabines Lorenzo, in reference to the fact that the progress of the territory lies precisely in the assumption of responsibility as an everyday act and not in a casual performance, development with a leading role for the delegates and the popular councils.

Controlling the agricultural productions and, above all, keeping track of the destinies, cannot be postponed for Unión de Reyes, with its most important enterprise, Gastronomy and Commerce, below the real potentialities.

According to the report, there is still no perfected basic business unit in the territory, an option that allows, among other benefits, the self-management of raw materials or products ready for sale, as well as the increase of income for establishments and workers and, above all, the provision of services.

An aspect of capital relevance such as mercantile circulation is not fulfilled either, only at 78.7 percent, with Retail Trade at 97.8, Gastronomy at 43.7 and services at 49.4.

A change is needed now, because it is impossible to sustain social expenses if there is no economy, said the Governor. «The mission of the Commerce and Gastronomy Company is to create wealth to then be able to distribute», he insisted.

Sabines Lorenzo stressed the need to put the mini-industries and the three processing centers into production, in addition to making bread with cassava flour to offer to the population. «We only need a little interest to achieve it», he remarked.

He called to eliminate the economic losses, to transform the health indicators, to increase the production of construction materials, to solve the problems in an immediate way and to get families out of vulnerable situations.

«We have to start thinking well what municipality we want, what municipality the people need and on the basis of the potentialities, analyze what will be drawn to achieve that goal in the short, medium and long term,» reflected Susely Morfa, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPP).

«It is necessary to establish measurable tasks in the administration of a municipality and, above all, cadres who lead the processes, who are responsible, sensitive, who attend to the people’s problems.»

The first secretary of the CPP returned to the subject of agriculture in this municipality, which, although it is a good example in the fulfillment of plans, needs greater control of the destination of its productions, to «satisfy the demand of the population as a true goal».

He reasoned on the urgency of analyzing what is being done differently to move forward, to increase the production of goods and services, where Gastronomy is «stagnant».

The people need to feel that their government is accompanying them, he considered, without forgetting to mention the demonstrated working spirit of many managers in Unión de Reyes.

The Provincial Council of Government rang the bells of the Municipal Administration of Unión de Reyes, in charge of satisfying the economic, welfare, educational, cultural, sports and recreational needs of the community of the territory, as well as carrying out tasks related to prevention and social attention.

Photos taken from Radio Unión Matanzas Facebook page.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.



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