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International Museum Day celebration.


International Museum Day will be celebrated this Thursday at the Palacio de Junco, with a provincial event at the Cultural Heritage Centre in special recognition of the Museum of Art, on the 25th anniversary of its creation and the 330th anniversary of the founding of the city of Matanzas.

Under the slogan «Museums, sustainability and wellbeing» it will be a propitious moment to stimulate the most outstanding museologists, who work with the premise that «museums contribute in a key way to the wellbeing and sustainable development of our communities».

This year’s activities are dedicated to the centenaries of the birth of the sculptor and ceramist Marta Arjona Pérez, who was the first director of the National Council of Cultural Heritage; of the scientist and speleologist Antonio Núñez Jiménez and of Servando Cabrera Moreno, one of the most admired artists of Cuban plastic arts.

Three events stood out during the International Museum Day: the inauguration of the exhibition Art among the Arts, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Yumurino Art Museum, which will be celebrated tomorrow on the 19th; the Exhibition of the Month at the Palacio de Junco, where the best research carried out by the specialists of the provincial network was exhibited; and the closing of the Heritage Interest Circles, a time for children to demonstrate the skills and knowledge acquired at this stage.

International Museum Day is an ideal date, not only to visit local collections, but also to learn about these institutions that play the role of guardians of humanity’s cultural heritage.

Written by María Elena Bayón Mayor.


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