Brene and Alarcos 2023 Awards Ceremony in the Uneac in Matanzas.

Premio Brene 2023 para Adán Rodríguez-Falcón. Junto a él José Manuel Espino y Liliam Padrón.

Brene Prize 2023 for Adán Rodríguez-Falcón. Together with him José Manuel Espino and Liliam Padrón.


The Brene Prize 2023 For the Work of Life, awarded by the Association of Scenic Artists of the UNEAC in Matanzas, was conferred to the outstanding sculptor and theatre designer Adán Rodríguez Falcón, in a ceremony held at the Casa de la Memoria Escénica.

The jury, chaired by Rubén Darío Salazar Taquechel, winner of the National Theatre Award, together with Liliam Padron, Miriam Muñoz, María Laura Germán Aguiar and Ulises Rodríguez Febles, decided to grant him this distinction.

«For his contribution to the Cuban stage from the walking aesthetic, to which he was linked since 1993 with his show Pasos callejeros, to achieve for more than three decades a commendable work.

«For his contribution to the monumentality, expressive beauty, chromaticism and functionality achieved by the artist, he has created fundamental works such as El Quijote, El gato y la golondrina, Juan Candela and Balada del Marino, among others, which constitute a valuable and recognisable contribution to the monumentality, expressive beauty, chromaticism and functionality achieved by the artist.

«Pieces that were presented in Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia and awarded the group El Mirón Cubano, as a reference of this modality in the Cuban stage scene, as well as his work in the company Rita Montaner and in Teatro Icarón».

The jury especially praised «the creation and donation to the Casa de la Memoría Escénica of 23 visual works, which make up the Museo de Esculturas en Madera de la Dramaturgia Cubana, the only one of its kind in the country and a component of the nation’s heritage, an exponent of its conceptuality, audacity and mastery of forms».

Wiliams Quintana, ganador de la distinción El Conde Alarcos, junto a Liliam Padrón, miembro del jurado.

Wiliams Quintana, winner of the El Conde Alarcos distinction, with Liliam Padrón, member of the jury.

The actor and radio producer Williams Quintana was also awarded the El Conde Alarcos distinction, in recognition of «his contribution to the city’s theatre over the last thirty years in the groups Icarón, El Portazo, Teatro de Las Estaciones and recently Teatro El Público.

«He has also made a valuable contribution to Cuban theatre, from his work as an actor, advisor and director of the Grupo Dramático de Radio 26, in the promotion of the national and universal playwright as one of its references».

The event began with an exhibition in the gallery La Vitrina, of images of the designer’s creations in the El Mirón Cubano Theatre, followed by the public’s appreciation of the presentation of two panels.

The first was dedicated to the career of the visual artist Adán Rodríguez and the second to the mark of Abelardo Estorino, with the participation of prominent intellectuals.


The 23rd piece of the Museo de Esculturas en Madera de la Dramaturgia Cubana (Museum of Wooden Sculptures) was also inaugurated, of Cuban Playwriting, by Rodríguez Falcón himself and dedicated to the play Maneras de usar el corazón por fuera, by Yerandy Fleites Pérez, winner of the 2018 Virgilio Piñera Playwriting Prize, who was present at the event.

Also unveiled on the Muro de las Frases del Patio Vagos Rumores, thanks to the courtesy of the gallery Corazones, was the piece with the message «Art exists so that reality does not destroy us».

The event was attended by Osbel Marrero, provincial director of Culture and José Manuel Espino, president of the UNEAC branch, together with a large group of theatre artists, critics and visual artists from Matanzas and Havana.

The Brene Prize, awarded by UNEAC in Matanzas, pays tribute to the playwright José Ramón Brene, born in Cárdenas on May 1st 1927, author of emblematic plays such as Fray Sabino, Santa Camila de la Habana Vieja, El Corsario and La Abadesa, among others, and has been awarded to more than ten Matanzas playwrights.

The distinction El Conde Alarcos represents a tribute to the distinguished matancero José Jacinto Milanés, as it commemorates his most emblematic play.

Written by María Elena Bayón Mayor.



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