Meteoro 2023 People’s Exercise has begun in Matanzas.

With the presence of General Joaquín Quinta Solá, deputy minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Meteoro 2023 Popular Exercise began in Matanzas, which will take place this weekend to strengthen the province’s capacity to face natural, technological and health-related disasters.

In the provincial Defence Council, plans for this type of situation were updated and among the objectives was the need to increase the preparation of the population to master and comply with disaster reduction measures, in accordance with the risks assessed in each territory.


The Vice-Minister of the FAR visited the Supertanker base in the province of Matanzas
the province of Matanzas where he was informed of the updating of the risk reduction plans.

The activities will also be aimed at increasing the level of preparedness of the forces involved in disaster response and recovery, in accordance with the approved disaster risk reduction plans, taking into account the experiences of recent events.

In this way, work groups, military units of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior and the population through the People’s Councils carry out practical activities such as collecting debris, waste and other obstacles from public roads, clearing and cleaning sewers and surface drains, unblocking the entrances to sewage systems, pruning trees and fixing roofs, among others.

Written by Yunielys Moliner Isasi.

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