National Occupation Survey advances in Matanzas.

Avanza Encuesta Nacional de Ocupación en Matanzas

At the end of April, 36 percent of the general number of homes planned for the National Occupancy Survey had been visited in the 90 districts distributed in the 13 municipalities of Matanzas, according to Caridad Casanova Rey, head of the Demography, Census and Survey Department of the National Statistics and Information Office in Matanzas, who informed the press.

«The survey, that began in the province of Matanzas on April 3rd, can be considered a work in progress and with good results. We are reaching one hundred percent of the planned districts and households».

Some 22 enumerators and 13 supervisors intend to visit another 1 215 households in the province during the current month of May.
«This study allows us to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on employment indicators, unemployment, the different types of work, population disaggregated by age and other extremely important data for decision-making by the Cuban state at the provincial and national levels.

The population must collaborate in order for the task to achieve its objectives, Casanova Rey said.

Written by Delfina Mosquera.

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