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Matanzas Agroforestry turns into gold everything that it is touched.


Matanzas Agroforestry Company (AFM) has consolidated its prestige in the productive sector by fulfilling its orders and taking on others outside its usual social purpose, a performance in the style of King Midas, who turns everything he touches into gold.

Luis Alberto Rodríguez Velázquez, a member of the provincial Party Bureau, agrees with this view, describing the AFM as an indispensable pillar of the Yumurian business system, an inspiring example.

«It is a collectivity that, in addition to fulfil its indicators, always responds to the convocations made by the leadership of the province. It has to be said that when we thought about the strategic aspect of recovering a power supply such as that of the Cárdenas zeoponic, we spoke to them, and there you have the results of something that seemed impossible».

For Rodríguez, the good notes do not end here. «There is also evidence of the rescue of the Los Arabos urban farm, and the UBPC Mocha, a productive base submerged in economic losses, with problems in the payment of salaries and other issues, a panorama radically transformed when it was taken care of by the AFM».

Fomentan el café en el llano. Foto: De la Autora.

The company directed by Jorge Díaz Mirabal also transcends by the community support in the 22nd district of the Matanzas Oeste popular council, it was fundamental in the constructive maintenance of the Mental Health centre, and they attend to the special care ward in the Maternal hospital.

The AFM, which also stands out in exports with an item such as charcoal, contributes to the economy of the province grains, meat, milk, and concluded 2022 with a greater presence of its offerings in Varadero, Cuba’s main destination for sun and beach tourism.


With sales of more than 51 million pesos at the end of last year, it also stands out for the use of 43 measures to strengthen the socialist state enterprise, including the link with other economic actors such as the new forms of non-state management.

A special contributor to international projects such as Ecovalor, it also stands out for the delivery of pine resin for tests carried out at the anti-corrosion study centre, among other actions for the development of the economy.

Revered on many occasions as the most comprehensive agricultural company in the country, for the company, which belongs to the Provincial Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers, there could be no other triumph than to be honoured once again with the superior category of National Vanguard, which it has achieved for six consecutive years.

According to the member of the provincial Party Bureau, it is a just award for an enterprise that constantly seeks alternatives to overcome the limitations of energy and material resources.

«The significance lies in its managers and workers, who devote themselves to the task every day. With more groups like this one, the province would make more progress».



The Matanzas Agroforestry Company protects various faunistic and floristic values that constitute an important potential for the development of the welfare of society, as well as providing various benefits with forestry production for domestic distribution and export, which contributes to boosting the national economy.

Its work is focused on the promotion, use and protection of forest heritage, committed to actions to combat climate change, for this reason all the activities it carries out are premised on promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, in a fair and equitable manner through the integration of ecological, economic and social factors.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Arminñán.











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