14 de abril de 2024

Radio 26 – Matanzas, Cuba

Emisora provincial de Matanzas, Cuba, La Radio de tu Corazón

New production line to increase Suchel-Jovel’s production capacity.


Notorious for its sustained economic stability, the incorporation of a new line will increase the production capacity of the Suchel-Jovel Basic Business Unit (UEB),in Jovellanos,  the only manufacturer of liquid detergent in the country.

«In this way, it will be possible to increase the quantities of the state order and go to other destinations,» Raúl Méndez González, director of this UEB, declared exclusively to Radio 26. The idea, he added, is to continue on the path of rescuing lines of business, creating linkages and entering the market in freely convertible currency (LCM) or in electronic commerce.

«We are doing nothing more than applying some of the 43 measures to strengthen the business sector, which will strengthen our financial assets to undertake other investments, provide more income to workers and, of course, increase our contribution to the nation’s economy.


With the Ministry of Commerce as its main client, UEB is responsible for manufacturing 30 per cent of the soap distributed in the standardised family basket, and as part of its diversification it is already successfully inserting itself into the retail trade of TRD and CIMEX.

Producing its own packaging with its line of jars, UEB «is today capable of achieving quality production on its own, with acceptance among the population, demonstrating that the Cuban socialist enterprise is a real possibility», acknowledged President Miguel Díaz-Canel some time ago, when he assessed the positive reaction of a factory previously operated in partnership with a foreign investor.

Una muestra de sus producciones. Foto: Del facebook de Suchel-Jovel.    The creation of an intensive organic garden and an intensive vegetable garden speak of how much is done there for the attention to the labour force, of protagonist presence in calls for productive work and in the confrontation of difficult moments such as the crisis caused by COVID-19, a combat that it honoured, not only fulfilling the mission of satisfying the plans, but contributing an extra to public health and to isolation centres.

Recently, the UEB inaugurated the Zapaticos Blancos children’s home, designed to provide services to the children of workers, who are happy with the operation of this variant of early childhood education, which will undoubtedly contribute to greater welfare and productive balances.

Written by Eva Luna Acosta Armiñán.









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