Sugar workers in Matanzas busy in the final period of the sugar harvest.

Sugar agro-industry workers in Matanzas province are immersed in the sugar harvest and are giving the finishing touches to some 200 tonnes of sugar still to be produced at the Jesús Sablón Moreno sugar mill to conclude the campaign.

Joel Hernández Rodríguez, head of the Industry Supervision group at Azcuba, affirmed that the sugar contribution of the plan is at 70 percent and the derivatives at 75 percent, although more brandy and alcohol will be produced.

The Mario Muñoz sugar mill in Los Arabos is working on cleaning and conservation after breaks in the generators and its turbines have been repaired, which will guarantee the industry a better harvest in 2024.

Matanzas has brown sugar from the standard family basket and continues its sugar cane recovery despite the negative impact of the fuel shortage on planting and soil ploughing.

Written by Odalys Oriol Miranda Suárez-Radio Reloj

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