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Precision actions are carried out at CTE Guiteras for its start-up

At the Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas thermal power plant in Matanzas, the so-called adjustment of bearings 3 and 4 will begin today, which will allow the start-up test to begin during the course of the week.

Engineer Rubén Campos Olmos, general director of the Yumurino block, commented that this is a work of great precision, measurements and tests, which is why it will be carried out in a single day.

With regard to the boiler, the weakest component of the generation industry, Campos Olmos pointed out that the work is being extended and the area of the welding seam failure is being explored in depth.

In the afternoon, a new hydraulic test of the installation is being carried out.
Although the critical route is marked by the work on the turbine, corrective work has been undertaken in various areas, where, according to the specialists, mechanisms and systems must be fine-tuned.

If everything goes as expected, the Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas thermal power plant would be testing the new start-up phase in about 72 hours.

Written by José Miguel Solís.


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