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Inauguration of scientific event in Matanzas with a view to the International University Congress 2024 (+photos)

The University of Matanzas inaugurated on Tuesday its provincial scientific event with a view to the Fourteenth International Congress on Higher Education 2024, to be held from February 5th to 9th in Havana.

According to the information note published on the website of the Yumurina institution, the event, which will last until June 29th, will present 256 papers and research papers and will be attended by directors, academics, professors and students from the headquarters and municipal university branches and centers.

«Higher Education: social transformation, quality, relevance and sustainability» is the motto that heads the event organized by the Casa de Altos Estudios, whose scientific program also includes the exhibition of the stand Congreso Universidad 2024, symposium sessions, presentation of journals, methodological colloquiums, among other activities.

A keynote lecture will be given by the academic and Dr. C. Elmys Escribano Hervis, and the musical presentation of professor and troubadour Yunier Doble Ponce, were part of the inaugural day of the Matanzas university pre-congress, which is being held in the classroom and online modalities.

The most relevant works of the exchange will represent this western province in the upcoming XIV edition of the International Congress of the Cuban University, a timely scientific event to discuss and reflect on the role of the academic institution in social transformation, without ignoring the principles of quality and sustainability.

fotoIn the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in correspondence with the implementation of the Roadmap proposed by UNESCO, Higher Education should consolidate the link with society in order to find more effective and innovative solutions to the problems of each country.

Photos by Yasnier Hinojosa, head of the Department of Institutional Communication of the University of Matanzas.

Written by Yovana Baró Álvarez.

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