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Seminar on bankarization to be held in Pedro Betancourt (+audios).

With the objective of facilitating the understanding of the population regarding the process of bankarization that is being implemented in the national territory, the Municipal Committee of the Party hosted a preparation seminar offered by members of Branch 3701 of the Credit and vCommerce Bank of Pedro Betancourt municipality.

Yaremis Prendes Junco, mentor of the activity and director of the facility, described the meeting as fruitful and highlighted the importance of these spaces to know the main doubts and concerns of the Betancourean people regarding the process.


Likewise, Berta Fundora Álvarez, economist of the Union of Young Communists in the locality, thanked the workers of the institution for this exchange and recognized the advantages of the process of bankarization for the people of  Pedro Betancourt.


Professional and specialized information to organizations, entities and local authorities through conferences, workshops, seminars and other modalities is therefore essential to raise awareness of the population about bankarization, clarify their concerns and, mainly, guarantee the effectiveness of its materialization.

Writen by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.

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