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«… we need to know which committees the Revolution needs» (+infographic).

«It has been 63 years of the largest mass organization in the country and, because today’s Cuba and the world are not the same as yesterday, the CDRs have to reinvent themselves and for that we need to know which committees the Revolution needs,» said Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and national coordinator of the CDRs, at the Round Table.

Since their birth, the CDRs have had the mission of uniting the neighborhood, protecting it and promoting collective support for Cuba’s great challenges and works.

Throughout these years the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution have played an important role in decisive moments for our country, among them, the discussion of the new Magna Carta approved in 2019; the Code of Families and its Referendum, tasks of high political and social significance that would not have been accomplished with the massiveness achieved without the commitment of the CDR membership at the grassroots.

But they have also been present in the work and support of the CDR in the fight against the terrible covid-19; the programs against the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti vector, the cause of dengue; the vaccinations and the renovation of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Today, the CDRs should focus on being useful to their members; supporting solutions in the community; extending solidarity among neighbors and where they do not work, what is needed is creativity, enthusiasm and drive to bring them to life.

Written by Regla Yasira de León Reyes.


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