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Drug enforcement exercise begins in Pedro Betancourt.

The Leonor Pérez Cabrera Polytechnic School, in Pedro Betancourt municipality, became the venue for the opening ceremony of the National Drug Exercise in this territory .

The event brought together students, teachers and workers from the municipal departments of Education, Health, Culture, the Federation of Cuban Women, the Ministry of the Interior, among other sectors, to raise awareness among young people about the harmful effects of the consumption of these drugs. In this regard, Melisa Rojas Martínez, doctor of the local doctor’s office #5, identified the main toxic substances in order to prevent their consumption.


Likewise, Sarahí Triana Esnard, Deputy Municipal Director of Education, stressed the importance of encouraging preventive work with adolescents and young people to avoid drug addiction in educational institutions.

Likewise, Esther Ruth Morales Cañizares, teaching secretary of the polytechnic school, urged young people, from her experience, to avoid smoking and protect their health.

From October 16th to 20th, several activities will be carried out in the territory as part of the National Drug Exercise, to inform the population about the danger of drug use and to reduce addictions, mainly among adolescents and young people from Betancourt.

Written by Yadiel Barbón Salgado.




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