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Fidel and his concept of PEOPLE. Presence of a SOUTHERN approach in his thought, since the Moncada trial (4th and final part).

In Fidel’s idea, his reasoning of considering among the unredeemed masses what can be called the last link of the peasants, of the workers of the countryside, the poorest, the holders of land without any protection, the farmers who in precariousness, that is, without any right, possessed plots of land without any right over them, so they could be evicted from those lands they cultivated without being able to claim anything or to anyone. The squatter enjoyed only a provisional possession, at the will of the grantor.

This thought, these ideas exposed by Fidel, bring a veiled remembrance, not referred then, to Lenin, to the problem of that farm worker, of that agricultural worker with no right to anything, of that impoverished peasant without land and without rights, who would appear later in a triumphant revolution and declared socialist a few years after its triumph, as a class allied to the workers.

Fidel understood, perhaps before, but it is clearer from his defense plea in the Moncada trial, that the peasants were not a subject of transit, but of the process to achieve the triumph and the advance of the Cuban Revolution. Therefore, it was evident that he also understood Lenin, in the sense that the peasantry, although not within the system of capitalism as such, was semi-proletarian.

One day Fidel dreamed, defending that political south, from his platform of defense, that:

«Cuba’s policy in America would be one of close solidarity with the democratic peoples of the continent and that the politically persecuted of the bloody tyrannies that oppress sister nations would find in Martí’s homeland, not persecution, hunger and betrayal, but generous asylum, brotherhood and bread. Cuba should be a bastion of freedom and not a shameful link of despotism».

It must be reiterated that without forgetting the meaning of the concept of people as the subject of any revolutionary change in Cuba, the actions to be carried out with families, with the civil society that comprises those families, given their characteristics and the fragility that sometimes human behaviors experience, must be defended, allowing the full performance of consistent and responsible appreciations, guided by and from the Sciences.

Written by Dr. Osvaldo Manuel Álvarez  Torres

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