Emisora provincial de Radio de Matanzas, Cuba: «La Radio de tu Corazón»

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Peace and homage hand in hand at Tertulia de la Matanceridad (+photos).


Only in peace, homage opens in bloom without fear of bombs.

The Tertulia de la Matanceridad, at UNEAC’s Social House, dedicated its applause to the 80th anniversary of Cuban Radio Merit Artist Juan Fuentes Reyes, who was accompanied by writer Onelida Rodriguez, who also received the award.

The well-known broadcaster and program director, summoned by host Leo García Ramos, first vice-president of UNEAC, upon receiving the award, said that he «felt like a native of Matanzas, having been born in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, on Santa Rita Street, between San Carlos and San Vicente, near where Bonifacio Byrne and Carilda Oliver lived.

«I worked for 50 years at Radio 26, he said, the first ones when it was located on Contreras Street. I have also been an actor in the Grupo Dramático, what is called a Radio Man, always at Onélida’s side, with her encouragement and wisdom. I still participate in a weekly section on audiovisual media, in Entre Puentes Magazine».

Juan was awarded the ceramic «symbol of Matanceridad» by the president of the provincial committee of this institution, the poet and writer José Manuel Espino.

The piece was made by Corazones Gallery, an occasion that led to the delivery of a similar gift to René Quirós, National Community Culture Award.

Quirós expressed his satisfaction with this event, as it represents six decades of continuous work as an art instructor, at the service of the community, the current fruit of which is maintained with the Reparadores de Sueños project.

The messages of peace and love for the city, music and poetry reigned.

In turbulent times in the world, the first call for peace was especially directed to the genocidal war of Israel, supported by the United States, against the suffering people of Palestine, describing the conflict as «a shame for humanity».

Likewise, the attendees supported Cuba’s Resolution before the UN General Assembly, which condemns the criminal blockade that the imperial government exercises on the island.

Those present joined the chorus of voices fighting for the preservation of the locality and promoting urban planning, on the commemoration of the International Day of Cities.

This topic motivated a polemic debate about the care of the Yumurian city, its roads and buildings, deteriorated by the years or the lack of resources for their repair, to which Leonel Perez Orozco, Curator of the City, responded with diverse arguments.

Likewise, the unveiling of a tribute plaque to the matanceros who fell in Granada 40 years ago was praised, thanks to the efforts of Freddy Figueras, seconded by the writers and artists together with the city authorities.

Music took over the hall, with the portentous voice of Alfonsito Llorens and the performance of the soloist girls Rocio and Thalia, from the Tocororo project; the verses came with Jose M. Canito and the actor Jesus Grasso, in an evocation of Nicolas Guillen plus the presentation of the poetry book «Rosa de los vientos», by the writer Jose Manuel Espino.

The promotion of the Fair of Artistic and Local Projects, to be held from the 20th to the 25th of this month, and the main activities of the month by the Provincial Museum Palacio de Junco, were of interest to Nancy Vázquez.

Those attending the Tertulia de la Matanceridad moved to the patio «La fuente de Vulcano», to enjoy, as usual in this cultural space, a relaxing treat after the emotions of the afternoon.

Onélida Rodríguez, Juan Fuentes, and René Quirós at the UNEAC matancera


At the beginning of the month, more and more enthusiasts attend the Tertulia de la Matanceridad, staged at the UNEAC Social House, with artist Leo García Ramos, as founder of this magnificent cultural project.

Written by María Elena Bayón.




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